My car has just passed 300,000 miles, as you can see below. I purchased my 2000 Ford Mustang GT in 1999 and picked it up just before the 25th of December. I had to wait for Ford to build the car, I could not find one I wanted at any dealership. They did a wonderful job.  It has protected me through a couple of accidents, including a rear ending by a pickup truck. No major repairs in all these years, but I do go through windshield wipers and tires! Before anyone asks how I can drive an 8 cylinder car, let me point out that I drive mostly highway and get around 26 MPG. No long trips in these 10 years, just back and forth to work.

With mileage like this in New England, maybe I should be test driving cars, to see if they hold up! In over 30 years of driving I have only owned 3 cars, all Ford and all standard transmission. I do like rear wheel drive!

My first was a Pinto (everyone probably remembers those), a Black and Titanium Mustang GT, and now a bright Blue Mustang GT.

If you are going to travel over a hundred miles to work, you may as well be comfortable and travel in style.