North East Information Network
Skip Navigation Links. Welcome to The North Eastern USA!

On these pages I have tried to pull together information about this area of the USA.  I have included links for weather (for skiers) and links to the states in this area. I have also included some information about the history of this area and history of the USA in general for study.

Additionally, you will find some photos of the North Eastern USA, mostly from Southern Vermont and Salem, MA.  There are pictures being set up from Natural Stone Bridge and Caves from New York.

These pages were initially programmed in PERL.  This evolved through ASP programming to ASP.Net. In these pages, you will find resources for programming as well as books on programming. In addition, there is a newsletter archive of the initial process used to set up this web site.

Finally, you will find information about the Wiccan religion and the practice of Witchcraft.  This in cludes material on Witchcraft as well as the religion of Wicca.  The beliefs as well as links to other sites on Wicca and Witchcraft are to be found on these pages. You will also find information about the history of the craft and the history of the World in relation to the practice of Wicca and Witchcraft, particularly in the North Eastern USA.

You can also find items to purchase related to the North East, photography, and Wicca.

So welcome to the site and I hope you enjoy your visit to the North Eastern US.

Near Albany?  Check in with the folks of the Pagan Alliance Church

Near Salem, MA? Visit the ATC Temple of Nine Wells.