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As some of you know I like to cook

So, I thought I would start writing about cooking. Not the normal type of cooking blog but one about quick easy meals. So, these meals will usually involve rice, or pasta. They will be either as a stir fry, simple Italian with pasta and sauce, or made in a crock pot.
So, for this first post I thought I would put in a little trick I use. For today’s meal I simply used about a pound of Italian sausage, some peas, some stew vegetables (frozen in a package), some chopped onion, some green beans, and some Brussels sprouts. These were all put together in the crock pot, sausage on the bottom so it would cook first, and a good amount of water for cooking. This made more of a soup like mixture than a stew. Now cooking vegetables removes some of the nutrients, leaving them in the water. To help retain these vitamins and minerals, once the crock pot cooking was done, I took out enough of the juice to allow me to make rice. I could also have used pasta. The point is rice and pasta will absorb those vitamins and minerals with the fluid so that they are not lost.

December 2017

At this time of year there are a lot of celebrations going on.  It’s a good time to remember what our ancestors would be going through at this time of the year.  They would be taking stock of how many supplies they had and hopeing to get through the winter.  They be checking their livestock to see if they were healthy and to see if they can get through the winter as well.  While we can just go to the grocery store to pick up anything that we forgot or that we need, they had already gotten all their crops from the field and put their livestock in the barns.

Being on your own, that is with just yourself and your family to rely upon, could be a scary time.  Some groups, like a native Americans and the Norse, would be more of a community helping each other.  It is from these times that the season’s celebrations come.  The livestock that looked like it was not going to make it through the winter, the grains that might spoil in the time left, would not go to waste.  They would use these to celebrate the fact that longest night had passed them that the days would be getting longer heading once more toward spring.  It also meant that, as a community, that you had hunters who could help replenish your stock by going out and finding wildlife. 

So, at this time of celebration remember that there are others who are not as fortunate.  People that could use the support of the community to help them get through this winter.  So, if you see someone in need, treat them as family because, after all, we are all family.

Remember to let those that you love know that you love them.  Don’t assume that they do, but tell them.  Let them know that in their darkest night you will always be there as a light. 

Halloween Idea

If you like your cobwebs and spiders for Halloween, then I have a story for you.

Years ago I was doing some decorating in a local building. They had hanging lights (to call them chandeliers would be to make them too fancy). So we grabbed lots and lots of cobwebs and strung them up between the lights.

Next, we did the usual, put spiders on top of the web. In the middle we hung a motion sensitive spider that would drop down.
I looked and we had lots of spiders left and not enough ladders. So I handed out spiders to everyone and told them to thrown them up from underneath, rather than tying to throw them over the top. My thought at the time was that if we tossed them over the top, they would not be seen. So everyone happily tossed spiders up until they stuck in the cobwebs.

Fast forward a couple of days and we come back into the room. Most (about 95%) of the spiders had not fallen to the floor but gravity had done its magic. Some were now hanging down as if they were on webs. If you looked close you could see that there was more than one strand holding them but when someone walks in and there is a spider dangling right in front of them, they don't look that close.

So grab some web, toss up some spiders, and wait for the fun.

Have you looked at your car lately?

Have you really looked at the thing that will protect you in an accident?  The reason I ask is I almost lost someone very important to me this year. She was saved by a hunk of metal with 4 wheels.

I wasn't especially impressed with the vehicle before that, but she asked me to go clean out the car after the accident. I saw the damage, and, being a photographer, took pictures.

I then set about cleaning out the vehicle. while I was doing that, I noticed all the damage in the vehicle itself. It was at that moment that I realized that this vehicle kept her safe. She could have been killed or seriously injured, and she was not.

So, as a reward that car will be taken to a junk yard, stripped for parts and "recycled".

The best I could do was write about this 2007 Hyundai Tiburon as a tribute to the vehicle as well as all those who put that vehicle together.

Thank you.

Are you a one-hit wonder

One-hit wonders

Do you remember those? Usually it is used with singers. They have 1 hit, or one album and then vanish off the face of music. Usually to appear later on a reality TV show!

They had a really good idea, got it out there, and that was it. Nothing further was as good as that original song.  Why? What was it that created that first hit?


Was it a single inspiration that gave the hit? Did that inspiration die out, or leave, causing the lack of continuing the trend? Was it just something that hit out of the blue? Why was they only the one?

When it comes to inspiration, you can't force it. If you try too hard, you may just push that success away. And, if you are trying that hard, then you have taken the fun out of it. Once you have done that, do you still want to keep doing this?


Are they now afraid of the success they have created? Do they truly want it or do they subconsciously sabotage themselves? Fear can be a great motivator, it can also be a great reason for some people to not be motivated. Fear of change, and success is definitely change, can make you want to stay stagnant.

Look around at what you are afraid of and confront it (but do it smart and careful) so it will have no further power over you.

Lack of Confidence

Was the success such a surprise, that it could not happen again. This would be the lightening never strikes twice rule. If it was only a fluke, then it makes sense that it could not happen again. Look at the people in your life who believe in you. Is that belief really baseless? If not, then maybe you should join the crowd and believe in yourself.

Lack of Ideas

Maybe there just were no more ideas. Maybe impatience it the real issue. Sometimes you may get several ideas in a row, sometimes you won't. Have you given it enough time? Set a goal and see if it sounds reasonable. If someone else had set that goal for you, would you be comfortable with it, or would you complain?

New Challenges

Strike out for new challenges. I used to write an on-line newsletter to help others with programming issues, things which I had figured out and thought to share with the larger community. Now I write this blog, have another one on HubPages (, set up a photography business (, set myself up to give technical advice on Ingenio ( and even do Tarot readings at Keen ( I do all of this to do what I really love to do, help others.

Look for your Next Horizon

What is next for you? Where can you move outside of where you are comfortable?  What do you dream of doing? How can you make a living doing it? There are lots of inspirational stories out there of people who have been successful doing just this.

You are not a one-hit wonder. You are a wonder setting off for their next hit. Make it a good one!

Have you let Love into your life

This may seem like an odd thing to ask. After all, who wouldn't let love into their life? The sad truth is that some people turn away from love. They can put up walls between themselves and those that love them.

Are you doing that? If you looked at your life, would you see that those you love and that love you get all or part of you?  Are both sides giving their all to the relationship?  We all have secrets, after all we are human and we may have things in our life that we are not proud of. Things that we did wrong that we don't share because we will have to relive the episode. Those things are OK but only if they are not the majority of your "stuff".

When you love and are loved, you have made an agreement to share yourself with others. The bad goes along with the good and those who love you will understand.

Take a look at those in your life and make sure you share with them. Having people in your life with whom you can share lightens the burden on all involved and makes for a fuller life.

There will be heartaches along the way. Loves may come and loves may go. Can you truly say you have lived if you haven't loved? What if you were to die tomorrow, would you feel that, in terms of love, that you were successful?

Time to Look Around

So here we are at warm weather, at least today. The snows have gone and the beauty that they covered is once more revealed. Trees are regaining their leaves. Flowers are bursting up from the ground. Birds and small animals which we have not seen for a while are around again busy making preparations for the coming year. But are you really seeing all the beauty around you? Are there things you are taking for granted?

For the parents out there, have you noticed how amazing your children are? We have such a short time to try to prepare them for the world they will face. We try to do right by them and prepare them but we can't prepare them for everything they will face. Then the day comes when everything that they learned from us is put to the test. Have you looked at how well they are doing? We had the gift of raising them for such a short time, look at them now. There they are, facing some of the same challenges that we did and facing challenges that we never did.

If you are blessed enough to still be raising your child, have you realized how far they have come? From this small helpless person through standing on their own, walking, talking and all the little triumphs they have had. Do you really see them and how wonderful they are? Do you remember the time before you had them and everything they have brought into your life?

What about your parents? Are they still with you? Think of all they have done for you, all they things they have had to survive in their own lives. The magic that brought them together and gave them you. Do you see them and how they are now? Do you remember them while you were growing up? How amazing that you came to be.

When you come home are there any little creatures who greet you? You are their life and they wait patiently for you to come and spend time with them. Do you see how amazing that is? They ask for so little and give back so much. Here is this wonderful creation greeting you (or if it is a cat, possibly ignoring you :) ) when you come home. You are their world and they rely completely on you.

How about your friends be they on-line or in person who have supported and stood by you? How have they grown and changed? How have they supported you? How have you all grown together? Look at your life paths and how they have brought you all together now.

What about the love in your life? Have you looked at all the things that had to happen for you both to have found each other? How about all the little things that happened to bring you together? That there is a person out there who loves you is an amazing and very humbling thing. The incredible set of circumstances required to bring you both together is amazing. Think back to where you both came from and the paths your life had to take to bring you both together. All the little decisions (and not so little decisions) made by your love and by their parents to set everything in motion.

What do you see when look at all this in your life? What do you feel? If you are missing any of this by choice, then that is the path you have chosen and let no one tell you it is not right. If you are missing any of this but not through your choice, then stop waiting and set things in motion. Look around! The world is am amazing and magical place! Do not take it or the short time we are in this life for granted. Do not let one moment go by without looking at all the good in your life!

Interesting World we have created

It is truly fascinating this World we have created. And please remember that we create/re-create this world through our actions and inactions.

We get up every morning and say goodbye to those we love so we can go be with other people and work at a job. We spend 8 hours (or more) each and every day working with these other people. We form relationships within this artificial world.

Meanwhile, the people that we chose to have in our lives are at home or off at their own jobs for 8 hours or more per day; away from us and our love to earn money to allow us to get things, some completely required like food, fuel and shelter.

We know that time is precious and at any moment we could lose what little time we have with those we love and yet we create a World that separates us from those loved ones. Worse we still have high risk jobs whose very nature could shorten our time together.

We cover this loss, to some extent, by taking pride (real or imagined) in the work we do but at the end of each day we still lost time with our loved ones. Time we will never be able to get back.

Is there a better way? Is there another way that would allow us to need less work and give us more time with loved ones?

Take a look at and see what projects are currently looking for funding that would help. One such project that I saw would replace roadways with solar cells. What would lower electrical costs and lower fuel costs mean to you? What if his could provide clean and cheap electricity to light and heat every home? What would lower emissions mean to the environment and those with breathing problems? What would the proposed early warnings right in the roadway mean to the safety of us and our loved ones while travelling those roads?

There is no magic bullet, no Star Trek fueled replication technology which would allow us all to do the things we want to do without the concern for money, yet. But perhaps, with enough innovative people out there, maybe, just maybe, we can weave a new World and spend time where it matters most, with those we love.